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Share your talents

Do you create great things, do you make music, do you know a special recipe, do you tell exciting stories, are you at home on the herb meadows ... are you creative and want to share your passion with our children? Come by or invite us to your place.

5 ‰ on your tax return

Remember us when you do your tax return.

You can enter the tax number of our association at the point where you assign the 5 ‰ to an organization. This does not affect your tax burden.

Our tax number is: 030 448 202 19


Do you have the opportunity to support us financially?

We are very happy about any amount, small or large, one-time or recurring.

Help us grow our
roots deeper!
Donation account

Raika Renon

IBAN - IT74P 08187 58740

000 000 714 228


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